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Life is Great, Football is Better

Life is Great, Football is Better

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to deliver The Seven C's of Leadership to a group of employees at NFL Films located in Mount Laurel, NJ. When you walk through the front doors, you are staring directly at a large print that says - Life is Great, Football is Better. Speaking to this group was delightful! First of all, the employees who attended the lunch time program wanted to be there. The program was not mandatory, it was optional. The enthusiasm in the room was contagious. I could tell that from the minute I arrived until I left that the employees loved working for the NFL and they loved football. Many of the employees shared stories with me about Steve Sabol, one of the founders of NFL Films. Steve was portrayed as a man who was larger than life, full of enthusiasm and took care of his employees. Steve was also a visual artist and his art work was displayed throughout the building. When employees love what they do and who they work for, the entire team benefits.

During this time of Thanksgiving, I want to express my thanks to my clients. Every time I have the opportunity to meet new people and visit new organizations, I learn a great deal. I know more about the NFL than I did a month ago!



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