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Executive Coaching for Effectiveness

Effective leaders are made, not born. Skills can be learned. Sometimes we just need someone to help us. Maybe it’s to get us unstuck from a problem, or to ask us tough questions. Maybe it’s to hold up the mirror to help us discover our blind spots, or to teach us new skills, or to help hold our feet to the fire to reach our goals. That’s where an executive coach comes in. Regina has years of experience coaching leaders. She has worked with CEO’s, CFO’s, Directors and other senior level executives. The first step in the coaching process is a ‘get to know each other’ meeting which can take place in person or via Skype, then an assessment is used (usually the DISC) and finally an action plan is developed. 


Executive Coaching



Get to know each other


Client takes assessment


Set expectations & determine action plans


Schedule monthly phone coaching sessions

Timeframe: 3 or 6 months



Delivering a high impact presentation is a skill that every leader needs! Regina provides one on one presentation skills coaching for leaders who want to leave a lasting impression. Regina can help with crafting the message and/or delivering the message. 


How Regina works with you depends entirely upon your circumstances — what you need and want.


If you have an important speech coming up and you want help making it the most successful speech possible, Regina will jump in and focus entirely on that speech. She will help you plan your strategy, figuring out what you want to accomplish and how best to engage the audience. Then she will help you create a message that is strong, direct, and commanding. If appropriate, she will help you rehearse your delivery.


Regina can work with you in person or via Skype. 

Timeframe: As needed

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Laerdal Medical

"Thanks again for an engaging session. The feedback has been great so far! You really work well with our team members and our culture."

Stacy Clarke

Laerdal Medical

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