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We provide in person and virtual training programs. If you don’t find what you are looking for, we can design a training program to meet your needs. Live training programs are typically ½ day or full day. We can offer a monthly series of training programs for your organization in person and/or virtual.

Programs include
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    Management Made Easy

    Managing others is a challenge. It always has been, and it always will be. If you are lucky, you have worked for a fabulous manager. 

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    Time Management for New Managers

     One of the most challenging issues for new managers is managing their time. There are 168 hours in the week. That’s it.

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    Coaching & Counseling

    Every manager will be faced with situations that require coaching and/or counseling. 

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    Behavioral Interviewing

    Making a bad hiring decision is a costly mistake! Every manager and supervisor must know how to conduct an interview that will uncover the best candidate for the job opening.  

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    Conducting Performance Discussions

    Every employee is entitled to know how they are doing! The ability to share performance feedback is a management fundamental. 

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    Dealing with Difficult Employees

    There will always be employees who are difficult to deal with. Often, these employees will act badly for as long as they are allowed to get away with their bad behavior.

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    Managing Conflict

    Most people do not like conflict. And some people are so bad at conflict resolution that they have family members they haven’t spoken to in years. 

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    Secret to Superb Facilitation

    Facilitation is an art. When done well, it adds value to the organization by reaching win/win outcomes. When done poorly, time and energy are wasted.

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    Introduction to Process Improvement

    A first impression is made in 3-5 seconds. Physicians wear white coats, police officers wear uniforms, many businesses have dress codes and want their employees to look a certain way. 

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    Tips for Restaurant Managers

    Being a manager is a hard job! Being a manager in a busy restaurant can be overwhelming and often the wait staff and bartenders make more money that the managers.

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    Sexual Harassment Awareness for Managers

    Sexual harassment is a hot topic but unfortunately not a new topic. Employees have been harassed in the workplace for years.

Keyboard and Mouse

“Regina conducted a two-day management training for some of my management team in our office in May.  I received wonderful feedback from the employees and they really enjoyed the topics that Regina covered.  For some, it was all new, such as dealing with difficult conversations.  For others, it was a nice refresher on how to use skills that are sometimes forgotten in our busy work life.  I would be happy to discuss any of this with you at further length.  The employees especially enjoyed the interactive and role-playing portions of the training that Regina used. “

Lori A. Swope


AssetWorks LLC

“Regina’s New Manager training provides attendees with the tools necessary to be an effective manager. Through role playing and group discussions, Regina provides real world, applicable examples to prepare for the many possible scenarios a new manager might experience. I highly recommend this training to all new managers, as well as, those who are the managerial track.”

Kori Watkins


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