Leadership Development Training Solutions

We provide in person and virtual training programs. If you don’t find what you are looking for, we can design a training program to meet your needs. Live training programs are typically ½ day or full day. We can offer a monthly series of training programs for your organization in person and/or virtual.

Programs include
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    Effective Leadership

    There is a difference between management and leadership and it’s not your title! Managers do things right. They execute and implement.

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    Using Assessments to Increase Effectiveness

    There are many types of assessment tools on the market today that will share insight and understanding to a person’s behavior and team’s effectiveness.

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    Leading Multigenerational, Diverse Teams

    Today’s workforce includes five generations with different experiences and expectations and is also culturally diverse, globally aware and select employees are working remotely. 

  • PIVOT - Surefire Ways to Conquer Change

    There are times in life when change is inevitable. It’s our choice to embrace the change which includes taking a risk or to resist the change. 

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    Employee Engagement and Your Bottom Line

    Employees are motivated for their own reasons, not for your reasons! Employers can and should create a motivating work environment to improve employee engagement.

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    Developing Your Replacement

    Effective and successful leaders are always training and mentoring their replacement in addition to handling a million other high priority items.

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"You're a dynamo! I have already used some of your tips in the last 24 hours."

Patricia Claiborne

Cornell Cooperative Extension

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