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We provide in person and virtual training programs. If you don’t find what you are looking for, we can design a training program to meet your needs. Live training programs are typically ½ day or full day. We can offer a monthly series of training programs for your organization in person and/or virtual.

Programs include
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    Messages Matter

    Creating Messages with Positive, Hopeful, Appropriate Words

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    Finding Your Voice

    Becoming a Positive, Powerful, Confident Communicator

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    Careful, Considerate Communication

    Becoming a polished professional and tactful communicator.

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    Assertive Communication for Women

    Being assertive means that you express yourself effectively and stand up for your point of view, while also respecting the rights of others. 

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    Interpersonal Effectiveness

     It doesn’t matter how brilliant you are or how many degrees you possess, if you can’t effectively communicate your ideas to others, who cares!

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    Spice Up Your Speaking

    This presentation skills program is packed with techniques for making you a more effective presenter who audiences want to listen to. 

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    Secrets of Superb Facilitation

    Facilitation is an art. When done well, it adds value to the organization by reaching win/win outcomes efficiently. When done poorly, time and energy are wasted.

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    Do’s and Don’ts of Using PowerPoint for Public Speaking

    PowerPoint is a fabulous tool to use to create visuals which can help an audience increase retention and comprehension of a message.

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    Storytelling to Increase Engagement

    We have been listening to stories our entire life. As children, we loved when others read fairy tales to us.

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    Engaged Listening

    Communication is the foundation for developing effective relationships at home, at work and with employees. There are two parts to communication; sending the message and receiving the message. 

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    Email Etiquette

     In the age of the internet, we often rely on email for the majority of our business communication even though communicating via email isn’t always the best way to communicate.

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    Creating Your Professional Brand

    A first impression is made in 3-5 seconds. Physicians wear white coats, police officers wear uniforms, many businesses have dress codes and want their employees to look a certain way. 

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    Business Etiquette

    Business etiquette is not about knowing which fork to use when you have lunch with your boss. It is about appropriate interactions with co-workers, vendors, customers and suppliers. 

Keyboard and Mouse

"Regina has conducted several leadership and team-building training events for our management team. Her enthusiasm and genuine interest in our business allowed for well-received sessions, which were lively, interactive, and fun. She made the subjects interesting and understandable, peppering her presentations with humor and using excellent explanations and examples. I would recommend Regina to any company looking to develop their managers' skills."

Mary McElhiney

Vice President

Business Operations ERS

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