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Five Tips for Creating a Great Workplace in 2020

Five Tips for Creating a Great Workplace in 2020

If you stop and think about what goes into making a workplace great, it’s not that complicated. Here are five must haves for making a great workplace.

#1 - Hire the right leaders with the right vision. The right leader is experienced, passionate, committed, enthusiastic and dead on when it comes to having a vision for the organization. Steve Jobs had a clear cut vision for Apple; he was passionate about creating a computer that would change the world! Jobs wasn’t always the easiest person to work with, many of his employees characterized him as volatile, but his passion and commitment to Apple was never in question.

#2 - Hire the right people. The right person for the job is not always the easiest person to find, especially if there is a shortage of qualified candidates. The right person has the appropriate skills, experience and education to perform the job as well as the potential to grow and the enthusiasm to make a difference. The right employee is a highly engaged employee, not just someone who shows up to collect a paycheck.

#3 – Once you have the right people on board, take care of them by providing:

  • Training and development opportunities

  • Fair compensation & competitive benefits packages

  • Reward & recognition programs

  • A motivating work environment

#4 - Consistently exceed your customer’s expectations by offering quality products and services at the right prices. In order to stay in business, you have to delight your customers!

#5Communicate constantly with your employees, customers, vendors and suppliers using a variety of methods. People want to know what is going on!



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