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40 Things You Should Not Do at Work

40 Things You Should Not Do at Work

When I facilitate training, my participants share all kinds of stories with me. I can't make this stuff up!

1.Take credit for someone else’s work.

2.Behave rudely.

3.Cut your toenails.

4.Floss your teeth at your desk.

5.Yell at your co-workers, customers and/or boss.

6.Bully, harass, or intimidate others.

7.Watch YouTube videos.


9.Pout when you don’t get your way.

10.Tell offensive jokes.

11.Invade a co-worker’s personal space.

12.Kiss, hug and touch co-workers who don’t want to be touched!

13.Make private, personal calls during working hours.

14.Look for another job while you are working.

15.Use drugs and/or alcohol.

16.Eat a co-worker’s food.

17.Look through a co-worker’s desk.

18.Fist fight.


20.Take a nap at your desk.

21.Complain, no one is interested.

22.Lock doors to prevent others from leaving.

23.Urinate where you are not supposed to.

24.Sneak a cigarette in the bathroom. This is not high school, grow up!

25.Make a mess.

26.Insult others.

27.Damage company property.

28.Take home office supplies that do not belong to you.

29.Plan a personal function on company time.

30.Use a company vehicle for personal errands.

31.Waste time viewing and posting to social media.

32.Hide your pet in your office.


34.Be unproductive. You are getting paid to work!

35.Sabotage others.

36.Share confidential information with the wrong people.



39.Throw things.

40.Roll your eyes at your boss.



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