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Words Matter

Two months ago, after careful consideration, I took the plunge and ordered an exercise bike. I was so excited when it finally arrived! During the past month, I have been having fun exploring the different classes and different instructors. The instructors are very different and I know it will take time to find my favorite instructor.

Most of the instructors are fun, upbeat, and motivational. Last week, I joined a 30-minute rock ride with an older female instructor. I was looking forward to the music and someone new. A few minutes into the ride, the instructor let out an F bomb. I immediately thought, that’s weird. Does your employer want you to curse during a spin class that is being recorded? After all, the instructors are representing the brand and the classes are being recorded. Then it happened again and again. I will never take her class again even if I love her music playlist.

Maybe I’m a bit sensitive but I don’t care for cursing. Cursing is offensive. I can’t imagine that any brand wants to offend their customers. During my Professional Etiquette training programs, we talk about the power of language. Positive language lifts others up, negative language drags people down. Would you rather be with a co-worker who states – I can, we will, let’s go or a person who complains and says we can’t, it will never work, or it’s impossible.

Careful, considerate, polite communication is always appreciated and positively represents a brand. At Chick-fil-A, employees are trained to say, my pleasure, when a customer says thank you. What can you say today to lift someone up?



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