Business Etiquette

Course Overview

 Business etiquette is not about knowing which fork to use when you have lunch with your boss. It is about appropriate interactions with co-workers, vendors, customers and suppliers. Learning how to show respect, kindness and caring during workplace situations is a trait that goes a long way. 

Program Objectives

During this program, participants will learn:

  • how to make a good first impression

  • everyday manners

  • what emotional intelligence is and why you should care?

  • how to improve interpersonal communication skills 

  • 36 ways to improve your business etiquette

  • email étiquette

Available Formats

½ day

Keyboard and Mouse
Energy & Resource Solutions

"Regina has conducted several leadership and team-building training events for our management team. Her enthusiasm and genuine interest in our business allowed for well-received sessions, which were lively, interactive, and fun. She made the subjects interesting and understandable, peppering her presentations with humor and using excellent explanations and examples. I would recommend Regina to any company looking to develop their managers' skills."

Mary McElhiney

Vice President

Business Operations ERS