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Communication takes two: a sender and a receiver

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Communication takes two: a sender and a receiver
Communication counts

Communication is a two-part process. One person sends a message and the other person receives the message and hopefully understands the meaning. I just came back from a coaching session with a senior executive. She was describing to me how frustrated she was because a few of her direct reports were not reading her email messages. Her primary method of communicating to a staff of 50+ is by email. Many of her email messages include critical, time sensitive information.  I suggested including a read receipt when the email is sent, the senior executive didn’t like this option. She said it would fill her email box with too many emails. 

Every leader needs to take ownership of their communication. If one method of communicating is not working, select another. Sending an email is passive communication. Finding the time to engage a co-worker in a conversation is active communication. The active communicator creates understanding, the passive communicator creates confusion. What do you think? How should this senior executive proceed?



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