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15 Ways to Increase Inclusion

Today’s workforce is diverse with five generations, different genders, races, religions, cultures, and viewpoints. Successful organizations have figured out how to embrace diversity and create an inclusive workplace for everyone. Diversity is who we are, inclusion is intentional. There are so many benefits to having a diverse workforce. Different people bring different viewpoints which increases creative thinking and innovation. Research has shown that companies with diverse representation in senior leadership are more profitable than other companies. We are making progress embracing diversity, unfortunately it’s slow progress and we still have a lot of opportunities where we can improve. There are many ways to increase inclusion in today’s workplace. Here are a few.

1. There are so many types of bias, and everyone has unconscious bias which we aren't even aware of. Harvard is running Project Implicit where you can identify your own bias by taking a few tests Be aware of your own bias and act accordingly.

2. Cast a wider net when recruiting to identify diverse candidates.

3. Organize a diverse interviewing team.

4. Create gender neutral job titles (Police Officer, Firefighter, Mail Carrier)

5. Create mentorship programs for qualified candidates to eventually assume leadership positions. Women and minorities are underrepresented in leadership positions today.

6. Create pay equity at every level.

7. Offer affinity groups for diverse populations.

8. Support community partners who focus on diversity.

9. Utilize diverse suppliers, MBWE.

10. Educate workforce and start having conversations about diversity, equity, and inclusion. If you are interested n scheduling a webinar or hosting in person training, give us a call.

11. Channel philanthropic giving towards diverse communities.

12. Consider remote work options when possible.

13. Offer Paid Time Off.

14. Have diverse representation in leadership ranks.



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