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Secret to Superb Facilitation

Course Overview

Facilitation is an art. When done well, it adds value to the organization by reaching win/win outcomes efficiently. When done poorly, time and energy are wasted. Effective meetings, remotely and in person, typically have effective facilitators. Many organizations use internal employees to facilitate meetings which make good business sense when the employees know how to facilitate. Organizations also hire external facilitators for a variety of reasons; the meeting is highly confidential, the meeting participants are extremely challenging to work with, the content is challenging or there is no internal facilitator available. This program is about improving the customer experience on the telephone. Customers appreciate when the person answering the call is pleasant, professional and helpful.

Program Objectives

During this program, participants will:

  • earn the difference between training, speaking and facilitating

  • review communication skills needed to facilitate

  • review effective meeting management and tricks to maximize participation

  • learn how to deal with difficult meeting participants

  • learn techniques for dealing with facilitation challenges

Available Formats

½ Day, Full Day, Virtual

Secret to Superb Facilitation
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