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Introduction to Process Improvement

Course Overview

A process is a systematic approach to getting something done. There is a starting point and an ending point with inputs and outputs. The quality of the process determines the quality of the output. Process improvement is about improving the efficiency and effectiveness of what we do at work. When a process is broken, employees are frustrated, customers have to wait and money is wasted.

Program Objectives

During this program, participants will learn:

  • Learn simple process improvement techniques (SIPOC)

  • Learn the history of process improvement

  • Be exposed to process improvement terminology (LEAN and Six Sigma)

  • Create process maps for existing processes

  • Identify value added and non-value added process steps

  • Identify areas for improvement

  • Create an action plan for obtaining buy in to support process improvement

Available Formats

½ Day, Full Day, Virtual

Introduction to Process Improvement
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