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Dealing with Difficult Employees

Course Overview

There will always be employees who are difficult to deal with. Often, these employees will act badly for as long as they are allowed to get away with their bad behavior. Bad behavior includes coming to work late, leaving early, calling in sick, using inappropriate language, fighting with co-workers, sleeping on the job, ignoring customers, watching You Tube videos while working, constant complaining and bringing others down, etc. During this program, we examine case studies and use a process to hold employees accountable for their behavior. There are two possible outcomes; the behavior will improve or the employee will be terminated. Nothing changes unless the employee is held accountable!

Program Objectives

During this program, managers will learn:

  • How to hold employees accountable for their behavior

  • The correct way to document behavior and provide feedback

  • How to manage conflict and defensive behavior during a performance discussion.

  • How to identify root cause

  • How to solve problems with employee input

  • Resources available for dealing with employee challenges

Available Formats

½ Day

Dealing with Difficult Employees
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