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Managing Conflict

Course Overview

Most people do not like conflict. And some people are so bad at conflict resolution that they have family members they haven’t spoken to in years. At work, we can’t avoid conflict! Conflict happens. As leaders, managers, and supervisors, we must learn to solve conflict to the best of our ability. If there is physical violence, we need to think and act quickly and use the best judgment that we have at that moment. If the conflict is verbal, we must learn to act as a mediator.

Program Objectives

Generally, there are four times when managers should get involved in a conflict.

  1. When the employees who are in conflict ask for help.

  2. When the other employees come to you and ask for help.

  3. When productivity and/or morale are dropping because of the conflict.

  4. When not dealing with the conflict is starting to make you (as a supervisor) look bad.

Available Formats

½ Day

Managing Conflict
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