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Leading Multigenerational, Diverse Teams

Course Overview

Today’s workforce includes five generations with different experiences and expectations and is also culturally diverse, globally aware and select employees are working remotely. Information is also available to everyone via the internet and everyone wants information immediately.

There are so many benefits to leading a diverse workforce. Different people bring different ideas to the workforce which is crucial to solving problems. Diversity also stimulates creativity and innovative thinking. Older workers have so much experience while younger workers have so much technological expertise.

Program Objectives

During this highly interactive program, leaders will:

  • Be introduced to the five generations in today’s workforce

  • Identify challenges of leading today’s workforce and come up with strategies for overcoming the challenges

  • Identify ways to increase employee engagement, foster teamwork and celebrate success

Available Formats

½ Day, Full Day, Virtual

Leading Multigenerational, Diverse Teams
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