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Time to PIVOT

Before COVID upended our daily routines, I wrote PIVOT Principles. A book about how to help others move through change which isn't always easy. The only thing we can really say about change is that it is constant and inevitable! Some people adapt easily to change and others push back and fight change or sabotage change. I use a cowboy model in the book to talk about the different types of people. There are trailblazers, settlers, stay at homes, and saboteurs.

The book is full of PIVOT Principles which are intended to help you move through change with minimum disruption and maximum joy. Here are a the PIVOT Principles.

PIVOT Principles


Purpose – What is the why?

Passion – Are you excited about the change?

Positivity - Are you positive and hopeful?

Perseverance- Do you have what it takes no matter what?


Influence – Who do you need to influence and get on your side to make the change occur?

Imagination – Imaging the future state. What if?

Implementation – What’s the plan?

Innovation – What innovative solution, idea, approach needs to happen?


Value – What value will the change bring?

Verify – Collect and share data to show progress.

Voice – Communicate often and in a variety of ways.


Overcome Obstacles – There will always be obstacles, plan for them.

Identify Opportunities – Change creates opportunity, embrace the opportunity.

Own It – Make the choice to conquer change.


Trust – Nothing happens without trust.

Tackle time – Mange your 168 hours.

Thank Others – Show an attitude of gratitude towards every person who is involved with conquering the change.

The book is available on my website. Let me know what you think of the book, I am always interested in feedback.



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