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Sexual Hararsment Training - Take the Quiz

Sexual Hararssment Training - Take the Quiz

Effective Oct. 9th, 2018 all employers in NYS are required to have a sexual harassment policy, a complaint process, and provide interactive training for their employees. Interactive training provides employees with the opportunity to ask questions.

I use this quiz in the sexual harassment awareness training that I facilitate. It's always amazing to me how many adults don't understand harassment, hostile work environment, un-welcomed behavior and the law.

  1. Co-workers consistently tells offensive jokes and use rude language.

  2. A manager often gets too close to his direct reports. He leans over and often touches when reviewing work.

  3. A co-worker sends emails that include explicit sexual references.

  4. Co-workers flirt with each other.

  5. Manager denies an employee a promotion because the employee refuses to accompany the manager on business trips.

  6. Co-worker consistently compliments another co-worker during staff meetings (you have such pretty eyes, your dress is beautiful, your makeup looks perfect today, you always know exactly what to say, it such a pleasure having you on our team)

  7. During your weekly staff meeting, your boss locks the door and tells everyone that no one can leave until the meeting is over.

  8. A manager invites an employee to dinner. The employee agrees and enjoys the dinner with her manager. Two weeks later, the manager asks again. The employee says no and decides it’s not a good idea to go out to dinner with her manager. The manager doesn’t like to take no for an answer, so he asks again.

  9. The new receptionist wears tight fitting clothing with low cut necklines. Her boss invites her to eat lunch with him at least once a week. He always pays for the lunch.

  10.  A newly hired transgender employee receives inappropriate emails from a co-worker.

You can find the answers in my new book on Sexual Harassment Awareness which is available on Amazon or you can give me a call or you can schedule training today for your employees.



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