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My TedX Moment

So I finally did it! I had the chance to speak at a TedX event in my hometown and was really thrilled about the opportunity. What I didn't expect were the unflattering comments that were added to the TedX review page. My son told me to ignore the comments but they still hurt, after all I have been calling myself a professional speaker for more than 20 years and even received the Certified Speaking Professional designation from the National Speakers Association in 2005. I have been in front of thousands of audiences in 43 states and five countries so being in front of an audience is not new to me. I practiced quite a bit before getting on the TedX stage. I even received feedback from a trusted advisor, took the feedback seriously, and made a few adjustments to my presentation.

So what did I learn from the experience? There are always opportunities to improve but we must take the risk associated with the opportunity and then graciously move forward.

Here is a link to the TedX talk, I would love your feedback!


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