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Manners Never Go Out of Style

Consistently using good manners at work is the foundation to developing solid workplace relationships. No one wants to work with a rude, crude, unethical co-worker. Here are a few examples of appropriate workplace behavior.

· Being punctual at work is a sign of respect. Showing up on time for meetings and not wasting your co-workers time with idle chit chat is appreciated. Pay attention to and be respectful of each other’s priorities.

· When invited to a virtual meeting, sign on a few minutes early to make sure the audio and video connections work. Speaking of virtual meetings, having your video camera on during the meeting show the person speaking that you are engaged and listening.

· Workplace etiquette should be followed while you are working remotely. No one wants to see you in your pajamas sitting on your unmade bed during a meeting. If possible, find a quiet location with good lightning to work remotely. If possible, keep your pets and children away from the screen. As cute as they are, they are distracting to others and take time away from the meeting agenda.

· Limit your personal fundraising in the office. Just because your daughter is selling Girl Scout cookies doesn’t mean everyone wants to buy some. Some co-workers will feel obligated to buy even when they don’t really want to.

· Do not bring office supplies home for your personal use, it is stealing. I know a woman who worked for a dental group for years. She gave away toothbrushes as Christmas presents, that was her idea of marketing the dental practice. To me, it was unethical.

· When you meet a new person, it is polite to make eye contact, say hello, and introduce yourself. Before COVID, a handshake was a customary greeting. Today, a nod or fist bump works. When you shake hands, connect palms and shake. Don’t overdo the shaking and don’t squeeze the hand. A firm grip is appreciated, avoid the limp fish handshake. That sends a terrible message.

· If you are with another person, introduce that person also, and include them in the conversation. Try to remember names. A trick for remembering names is to repeat the name after the introduction. It sounds like this.

o Me: Good morning, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Regina Clark.

o Other person: Good morning, Regina. I ’m Pat Rodriquez. It’s a pleasure to meet you also. I don’t know many people named Regina.

Using good manners will never go out of style!



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