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Daily Blessings

It’s so easy to get aggravated at the small stuff in our life that drives us crazy. Wet towels on the bathroom floor, dirty dishes in the sink, being stuck in traffic, misplacing the car keys, stupid people doing stupid stuff, lazy co-workers, teenagers playing loud music, annoying neighbors, the cost of college, wearing a mask during the corona virus, and the list goes on.

Sometimes it takes a catastrophic event for us to put our priorities in order and count our blessings. Years ago, I was in a car accident when my son was a teenage driver. He hit a horse and the horse bounced off the windshield and the glass shattered. The car was beyond repair but thank God, we walked away from the accident. The horse wasn’t so lucky. In a split second, the only thing that mattered to me was my children. There are so many things to be thankful for:

Your health

Your family

Your faith

Your employer

Your co workers

Your friends

Your home

Your freedom

Your potential

The opportunities that you have

Your talent and creativity

Your ability to learn

Your right to vote

Access to healthcare

Access to food

Access to education

When you stop to count your blessings, you realize that you are doing just fine!



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