Additional Training Solutions by Regina Clark, CSP

We provide in person and virtual training programs. If you don’t find what you are looking for, we can design a training program to meet your needs. Live training programs are typically ½ day or full day. We can offer a monthly series of training programs for your organization in person and/or virtual.

Programs include
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    Time Management

    Do you ever feel as if there is too much to do and not enough hours in the day? Do you ever miss deadlines? Do you feel overloaded and exhausted? There are 168 hours in the week. That’s it.

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    Maximize Your Personal Productivity

    If you are interested in being more productive and reaching your short term and long-term goals, this program is for you. The program encourages honest self-evaluation of your work week.

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    Balancing Deadlines & Diapers

    Managing kids, careers, marriage and yourself is not easy these days! Don't re-invent the wheel, learn how other working parents have conquered their challenges.

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    Train the Trainer

    The train the trainer program will teach technical subject matter experts, usually Master Black Belts, how to effectively teach others. 

  • Train the Six Sigma Trainer

    Organizations are selecting subject matter experts to train their employees. Subject matter experts often lack the training skills to be effective trainers.

  • Teambuilding

    This program begins with a highly interactive team building activity. During the debrief section, we review the characteristics of high-performance work teams and the common dysfunctions. 

  • Is Your Net Working?

    Being able to network and develop strategic business relationships is critical to every leader’s success. People typically do business with people they like. 

  • Sexual Harassment Awareness

     Every employee should understand what is considered sexual harassment. Quid pro quo is easy to understand, it means this for that. 

  • Workplace Safety & Violence Prevention

    Workplace safety is a priority for every employer. Unfortunately, workplace violence is a legitimate concern and can occur in any setting. 

  • Creative Problem Solving

     When was the last time that you had a creative idea? Last week, last month, a year ago? Are you stuck in your comfort zone? Do you embrace change or dread it? 

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"Regina understands there is a direct connection between a highly engaged and motivated employee and a successful and profitable organization."

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