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Sexual Harassment Awareness

Course Overview

Sexual harassment is a hot topic but unfortunately not a new topic. Employees have been harassed in the workplace for years. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between friendly behavior and subtle sexual harassment. Other times, it's crystal clear.

Every employee should understand what is considered sexual harassment. Quid pro quo is easy to understand, it means this for that. If you have sex with me, I will give you a promotion. Creating a hostile work environment is a bit harder to define. Is flirting with someone at work wrong? Is giving a co-worker a compliment or a hug taboo? It depends. Is the behavior welcomed? When the behavior is not welcomed, it could be considered creating a hostile or uncomfortable work environment.

​This program will include New York State requirements when delivered in New York.

Program Objectives

During this training program, participants will learn:

  • the definition of sexual harassment

  • the difference between quid pro quo and hostile work environment

  • how to identify harassment behaviors

  • what to do if you think you are being harassed

Available Formats

½ Day

Sexual Harassment Awareness
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