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Workplace Safety & Violence Prevention

Course Overview

Workplace safety is a priority for every employer. Unfortunately, workplace violence is a legitimate concern and can occur in any setting. There are a few industries that are high risk when it comes to dealing with workplace violence, specifically industries that are exposed to the general public. The healthcare and restaurant industries in major cities are vulnerable.  During the past few years, there have been suicide bombers and active shooters appear in restaurants in major cities worldwide. Don’t put your head in the sand! Be proactive and create a plan for your business and for your employees. During this ½ day program, managers will be exposed to the different kinds of workplace violence and create a plan of action.

Program Objectives

By the conclusion of this program, participants will:

  • be able to diffuse difficult situations

  • identify warning signs for hostile and/or violent behavior

  • implement a plan of action with staff

  • know the location and operation of safety devices such as alarm systems, along with the required maintenance schedules and procedures;

  • be able to react to life threatening situations including active shooter response

Available Formats

½ Day

Workplace Safety & Violence Prevention
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