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The Physician Leader

Course Overview

The American Association for Physician Leaders (AAPL) uses these seven attributes to define leadership.

  • ADAPTABLE: Approach every challenge with an open and willing spirit, and see all obstacles as opportunities to iterate, grow and improve.

  • ETHICAL: Base decisions on a set of core values, and those decisions lead to outcomes that honor, serve and respect the humanity of others.

  • VISIONARY: Transcend status quo by drawing inspiration from common and uncommon sources, and use that inspiration to help others achieve potential.

  • INTROSPECTIVE: Understand how personal thoughts and behaviors affect outcomes, and take time to discover the truth of themselves and others before passing judgment or committing to action.

  • VIGILANT: Use action and decision as their primary problem-solving tools, look back on past experiences to overcome future obstacles and draw strength and grounding from core values.

  • TACTICAL: Align the goals of individuals with the objectives of an organization, and integrate people with process to create progress.

  • KNOWLEDGEABLE: Pursue an ongoing awareness of issues and challenges within the industry to inform future decision-making.

Program Objectives

During his highly interactive program, physician leaders will:

  • Identify characteristics of effective physician leader

  • Determine strategies for leading others through an everchanging healthcare environment

  • Share strategies for managing stress and burnout

  • Assess challenges and a path forward

Available Formats

½ Day, Full Day

The Physician Leader
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