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Creating WOW Customer Experiences

Course Overview

Are you creating WOW experiences for your customers, vendors, employees and members? Are you receiving rave reviews on social media as one of the best brands and best company to conduct business with? Are your employees passionate, proud and highly engaged? During this high energy program, Regina will uncover the four truths to creating WOW experiences. A WOW is unexpected, thoughtful, memorable, adds value, creates loyalty and impacts your bottom line.

Program Objectives

During this program, participants will learn how to create WOW experiences for their customers by:

  • identifying customer expectations

  • having the right people who are highly competent with great attitudes

  • focusing on continuous process improvement

  • creating a motivating work environment

  • making available the right product and/or service that customers want

Available Formats

½ Day, Full Day, Virtual

Creating WOW Customer Experiences
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