Time Management

Course Overview

Do you ever feel as if there is too much to do and not enough hours in the day? Do you ever miss deadlines? Do you feel overloaded and exhausted? There are 168 hours in the week. That’s it. If you want to get more done, you have to manage your time better.

Program Objectives

During this program, we will:

  • Analyze your 168 hours and Identify time wasters

  • Establish short term and long-term goals

  • Prioritize must do items

  • Develop a strategy to manage distractions

  • Review common time management mistakes including failure to write down goals and procrastinating

  • Take a look at common time management tools

  • Develop an action plan for moving forward

Available Formats

½ day, full day, virtual

Keyboard and Mouse

“Regina’s New Manager training provides attendees with the tools necessary to be an effective manager. Through role playing and group discussions, Regina provides real world, applicable examples to prepare for the many possible scenarios a new manager might experience. I highly recommend this training to all new managers, as well as, those who are the managerial track.”

Kori Watkins


AssetWorks LLC

“Regina conducted a two-day management training for some of my management team in our office in May.  I received wonderful feedback from the employees and they really enjoyed the topics that Regina covered.  For some, it was all new, such as dealing with difficult conversations.  For others, it was a nice refresher on how to use skills that are sometimes forgotten in our busy work life.  I would be happy to discuss any of this with you at further length.  The employees especially enjoyed the interactive and role-playing portions of the training that Regina used. “

Lori A. Swope


AssetWorks LLC