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90 Ways to Spend Your Time During Corona Chaos

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

90 Ways to Spend Your Time During Corona Chaos

1.Take a walk.

2.Go for a hike, pick up any garbage that you see during your hike.

3.Ride your bicycle.

4.Listen to your favorite music and dance.

5.Compose music.

6.Play a musical instrument.

7.Learn to play a musical instrument.

8.Tap maple trees and make syrup.

9.Hug your kids.

10.Read to your kids.

11.Write and create a story with your kids.







18.Knit or crochet

19.Teach a family member to sew, knit or crochet.

20.Learn macramé and make something useful or creative.

21.Read a book or article in print and/or online.

22.Write a book or article.

23.Reach out to an editor and try to get your article printed.

24.Play scrabble or solitaire.

25.Do a puzzle or crossword.

26.Paint a room, a piece of furniture, some pots for plants or anything else that needs to be freshened up.

27.Clean out your closet and donate clothes and shoes that you don’t wear.

28.Change the sheets on your bed.

29.Scrub your tub.

30.Wash your floor.

31.Vacuum your rugs.

32.Wash your windows.

33.Organize your desk, kitchen cabinet, bookcase, garage or any other visible mess.

34.Shred old bills.

35.Do your taxes.

36.Review your spending habits and identify ways to save some cash.

37.Pay your bills.

38.Cook. Try a new recipe.

39.Bake a pie.

40.Eat healthy.

41.Trim trees and/or bushes.

42.Tidy up the garden.

43.Rake some leaves.

44.Plant a tree.

45.Write a letter to a friend.

46.Update your address book.

47.Delete files on your computer.

48.Research your family tree on

49.Reach out to your cousins and say hi.

50.Take your dog to the dog park.

51.Help a home bound senior citizen.

52.Create a scrapbook for one of your kids.

53.Watch a movie.

54.Make a video.

55.Do some research on a topic that interests you.

56.Organize your photos.

57.Call your mom, sister, best friend and say hi.

58.Visit the cemetery where your loved ones are buried.

59.Buy some flowers to brighten up your day.

60.Ask your adult kids how you can help them during this pandemic.

61.Send a thank you card to any healthcare worker that you know.

62.Wash your car, inside and out.

63.Indulge yourself with a face mask or bubble bath.

64.Build a birdhouse.

65.Fill up the birdhouse and enjoy bird watching.

66.Learn a new language, there are a ton of resources online for this.

67.Learn how to make a pot on a wheel.

68.Clean up the Apps on your phone. Delete the unused Apps and try some new ones.

69.Organize your music collection.

70.Star gaze and learn the constellations.

71.Create a new playlist.

72.Volunteer at a nonprofit.

73.Balance your checkbook.

74.Enjoy a glass of wine.

75.Cancel cable and subscribe to a streaming service.

76. Go fishing.

77. Work remotely.

78. Don't forget to wash your hands.

79. Search for a new job. 80.Schedule medical/dentist appointments for the future when this chaos is over.

81. Plant an herb garden.

82. Change your oil.

83. Take a nap.

84. Play video games.

85. Post to social media.

86. Go to the driving range.

87. Join a webinar and learn something new.

88.Shine your shoes.

89. Wash your hands again.

90. Write a letter to a senior citizen and drop it off at a nusring home.



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