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Creating an inclusive environment

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Today’ workforce is diverse. Employees have a wide variety of backgrounds including different socioeconomic status, religions, cultures, disabilities, political affiliations, and family situations.

Communicate clearly
Inappropriate language hurts!

Today’s managers are responsible for creating a safe and inclusive environment where every employee can learn, develop, reach their potential, and contribute to the team.

There is no room in the workplace for bias and inappropriate communication. Employees are hired to perform a job function and the managers are responsible for creating a motivating work environment for their employees. Managers are the role models for tomorrow’s leaders. The goal of this training is to increase awareness and promote respect and inclusivity so every employee can thrive.

Program Objectives

During this training program, managers will learn:

  • Cultural awareness, recognizing differences, and avoiding stereotypes.

  • The different types of bias that impact productivity. (Unconscious bias, affinity bias, halo effect, name bias)

  • Microaggressions – what they are and how they can hurt.

  • What you can and can not hold employees accountable for.

  • Signs of bullying and harassment.

  • How to be a role model for appropriate communication (verbal and visual)

If this management development training program sounds like a good idea for your managers, give us a call!



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