Program Objectives

Careful, Considerate Communication

Becoming a polished professional and tactful communicator

Course Overview

Did you ever say something and soon as you spoke the words, you wished that you could take the words back? This program will teach you how to consistently communicate with tact, professionalism and diplomacy in the workplace.

Program Objectives

During this program, women will learn: 

  • what professionalism looks like and sounds like

  • the difference between being aggressive, assertive, and passive

  • how to become a powerful, positive communicator and role model for others

  • how to communicate with clarity and confidence

  • how to handle challenging situations

Available Formats


Keyboard and Mouse
Energy & Resource Solutions

"Regina has conducted several leadership and team-building training events for our management team. Her enthusiasm and genuine interest in our business allowed for well-received sessions, which were lively, interactive, and fun. She made the subjects interesting and understandable, peppering her presentations with humor and using excellent explanations and examples. I would recommend Regina to any company looking to develop their managers' skills."

Mary McElhiney

Vice President

Business Operations ERS